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ManuTeeFaktur Meets Jivamukti: A Tea-Yoga Love Affair

Traditional practices often tend to be the answer to our modern struggles. Yoga and tea ceremonies, rituals and wisdom of ancient Eastern cultures lead to a serenity we often miss. The common compassion for all beings brought together Jivamukti and Manu. 

The story about this special collaboration has been in the makings long before the “Jivamukti – a Tea Collection by ManuTeeFaktur” was created. 
The beginnings of ManuTeeFaktur can be traced all the way back to the childhood of our founder – Manu Kumar. Manu’s father, an Indian doctor with a Western medical background and a keen understanding of Ayurvedic practices, instilled his appreciation and passed down knowledge of the ancient studies onto his son. Manu was introduced to yoga from an early age in a playful way – a joy that made an everlasting impact. His mother, a botanical enthusiast, fostered Manu’s interest for herbs, plants, and animals – nurturing his bond with nature.
manuteefaktur berlin
Equally important and enticing is the history of Jivamukti Yoga. Jivamukti is a physical, ethical, and spiritual practice created by Sharon Gannon and David Life in NYC in the early ’80s. ‘Jiva’ means individual soul and ‘mukti’ stands for liberation. The name is solely a reflection of their whole envisioned purpose of the practice of yoga which is to create “a path to enlightenment through compassion for all beings”.
Sharon and David are strong advocates of animal rights and incorporate the principles of veganism, environmentalism, and social activism into their lives. In the meantime Jivamukti studios have been established worldwide following these very principles. Berlin, the city of freethinkers, creatives and idealists has one of the largest Jivamukti communities of all.
Jivamukti Yoga
Almost 20 years after the first Jivamukti Studio opened in Europe the annual Jivamukti Tribe Gathering took place in Berlin. ManuTeeFaktur was part of it, setting up a tea-bar, serving fresh-brewed Indian Masala Chai – Manu’s own family recipe, as well as raw Kombucha. The perfect moment to present Manu’s teas to the international Jivamukti-Community.
Sharon, a big tea lover, had already been offering her favorite teas in her NYC Studio. This was the moment when Jivamukti teas teamed up with Manu’s values: real ingredients, organic & vegan, hand made, no artificial flavors …
The cooperation was very productive and together they created the first three teas: Chocolate Rose, Coconut Green & Manu’s Indian Masala Chai. Best after your Yoga or Meditation practice or simply as a break from daily life! 
Manuteefaktur Tee Berlin
By adding a modern twist to it, Manu and Jivamukti transformed the long-established tea-drinking ritual into a fresh and lively culture. 
For your body and soul – to enrich your daily routine – inspired by Jivamukti founder Sharon Gannon, and produced by ManuTeeFaktur.
Coconut Green Jivamukti Tea
Chocolate Rose Jivamukti Tee  Indian Masala Chai Jivamukti Tee
Pause. Place a cup of the warming brew into your hands. And sip in bliss. 
P.S. Our good friends from Vegan Good Life had already written a beautiful piece about this coming-together in their magazine. Take a  sneak peek online, or have the issue in print format delivered to your doorsteps. The volume issues the very best of plant-based fashion, travel, lifestyle, art & design. You want it – we promise!
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