Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea. The length of the oxida-tion time differentiates be-tween the green and black teas which are semi-fermented.
For Oolong tea, the tea leaves must begin to wilt in the sun after picking. The leaves are always slightly rubbed and shak-en so that the escaping juice reacts with the oxygen in the air. For black tea the process takes longer. Classically, the oxidation is halted by heating in iron pans.
Depending on the oxidation du-ration the Oolong grade tends more to the green or black tea…

The Oolong tradition co-mes from Fujian Province on China’s south-east coast, and the province is still a lea-ding producer of Oolong Tea.
White Downy – recognizable by the white cold-fluff of the flower which identifies this quality spring tea.
Oolong tea can be infused se-veral times. In the Chine-se tea ceremony which mostly uses Oolong tea the different infusions are discribed as follows:

1st) Tea of good Smell
2nd) Tea of good Taste
3rd) Tea of long Friendship


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