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Pu Erh – 普洱茶

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Pu-Erh-Tee / 普洱茶 pǔ'ěrchá

Pu Erh tea comes from the wild tea tree called Qingmao. This plant is bigger and older than regulated cultivated tee and considered to be the original form of tea.
The Qingmao tree comes from the region around Pu'er in Yunnan Province, China. The tea has been produced in this region for about 1,700 years. The very slow fermentation process is caused by a bacterial action that is the speciality of Pu Erh tea and is said to be the key to its many health benefits. After picking, heating, drying, etc. the green Pu Erh leaf is then steamed to shut down the oxidation process and lock in the polyphenols antioxidants.


Around a thousand years ago the Ancient Tea Route, The Southern Silk Road was a trade link from Yunnan one of the first tea-producing regions. The Silk Road ran via Burma to Bengal and India through Tibet to central China via the Sichuan Province. Through this trading network Tea first spread across China and into other parts of Asia from its origins in Pu'er county. Simao Prefecture in Yunnan…


Origion: China
Province: Yunnan/Pu'er
Plant: Camellia sinensis – qingmao
Colour: dark red, chestnut-coloured
Aroma: earthy, strong, a taste of bark
Feature: can be infused several times
Preparation: 4 tea spoons per pot
Temperature: 100ºC/212ºF / 3min 00sec – 4min 00sec

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SIZES: S: 70g / M: 175g / M: 650g


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