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Cinnamon was the first crop to receive government sponsorship in Ceylon, while the island was under Dutch control… An economic slump in the 1830s in England and elsewhere in Europe affected the cinnamon plantations in Ceylon. This resulted in them being decommissioned by William Colebrooke in 1833. Finding cinnamon unprofitable, the British turned to coffee.

They started planting coffee as a garden crop and the first coffee plantation was started in Baddegama in Galle District. The demand and high price in the European market for coffee fueled the rush of coffee planting. Investors flocked to Ceylon from overseas and around 100,000 ha (386 sq mi) of rain forest was cleared to pave the way for coffee plantations. The term “Coffee rush” was coined to describe this developing situation in 1840.

In the early mid-19th century, after the 'coffee rush' Ceylon became a major player in the world market. Then a leaf-blight known as 'Devastating Emily' swept through the plantations.

The Scotsman James Taylor succeeded in growing Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka for the first time in 1870. The humidity, cool temperatures, and rainfall in the country's central highlands provide a climate that favours the production of high quality tea. The Region Uva, located on the eastern slopes of the central highlands of Sri Lanka produces teas with a distinctive flavor whose reputation reaches far and wide. …


Idulgashena was the world's first certified organic tea garden. Idulgashena is distinguished not only by itsconsistent promotion of organic tea cultivation, but also by its far-reaching local community engagement.
Idulgashena, at an elevation of 1,000 to 1,900 meters, produces both black and green premium-quality teas. …


Origion: Ceylon/Sri Lanka
Province: Uva
Tea garden: Idulgashena
Altitude: height grown / 1.000-1.900m
Plant: Camellia sinensis
Grading: OP – Orange Pekoe
Colour: coppery, luminous
Aroma: aromatic, fizzy & fruity
Feature: rich and impervious to “hard water”
Preparation: 3/4 tea spoons per pot
Temperature: 100ºC/212ºF / 3min 00sec – 3min 30sec

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S: 75g / M: 200g / L: 650g


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