Truly Handmade

Lemongrass – Irreversibel

Thanks to Olivia Morko, Julia Kories & Alissa Verj from Design Akademie Berlin

3:20mins at ManuTeeFaktur

Thanks to Christian Schidlowski & André Götzmann

Drink Global – Invest Local

CREDIT NOTE / GUTSCHEIN / GIFT COUPON / VERZEHRSCHEIN   Buy tea and invest in new products or even into the very first tea imported by...

Kitchen Kimono / Keikogi

Keikogi (稽古着 or 稽古衣?) or dōgi (道着) is a uniform for training, used in martial arts derived from Japan, or budō. (keiko means practice, gi means dress or clothes). The prototype for the...

up and down

not just drinking tea, but also brewing it keeps you fit ;-) Its a nice ritual to get all teas, spices, fruits together before the...

the label

For the label a friend of mine - the creative mind behind - helped me out and did a great job. I...

*truly handmade*

Preparing tea is not a job - its a ritual. For me HANDMADE does not mean to push a button with your fingers or...

Inside the Manufacture

No comment - the pictures speak for itself.

bottling – filling

All 'additions' in the bottle are totally fresh or fresh boiled ingredients - hand selected! By the way these 'additions' are not just a...

oak stands for the cards

the stand-ups for the post cards are ready. All made out of oak - but all material are leftovers still waiting in Mikes workshop just...

Milk bottle

Milk bottles are bottles used for milk. They may be reusable glass bottles used mainly for doorstep delivery of fresh milk by milkmen. Customers...


To bring the hot tea to cafés and restaurants I've found these nice Samowars. Of cause with the same labels like on the bottles...

wander at large

Last summer manufacture was still an office - to keep all conditions needed for an 'official kitchen' producing food I had to separate the...

opening hours

You can always come over to the ManuTeeFaktur and buy fresh tea - except we are just producing or sold out.

Name & Story

Helmut Stummer, an old friend of mine and excellent copywriter helped me out by smoothing the story a bit. I've asked him if he...

my favorite tool

A Chinese chef's knife or Chinese kitchen knife — sometimes referred to as a "Chinese cleaver" though it is not a cleaver — is the rectangular-bladed, all-purpose knife...

labeled by hand

the labels on the bottles and cartons are rolled, glued,...  by hand -  like all working steps so long!